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Kambalov Sergey
Heliski, mountain guide. Kite/Serf project director on the Bugaz spit (the Black sea coast). Mountaineering experience for 15 years.
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Kambalov Sergey
Birthyear: 1969

Heliski, mountain guide. Kite/Serf project director on the Bugaz spit (the Black sea coast)

Mountaineering experience for 15 years. Has climbed in the Caucasus, in the Pamirs, Pamiro-Alay, Tyan-Shan. Taken part in the USSR championship, Silver prizer several times.

Mountain guide, ski instructor. Rescuer of the 1st category with wokr in the Dombay Rescue company for 6 years.

An excellent skier, one of the most experienced skiing guides for 10 years in freeride and 8 years in heliski working in the mountains of the Caucasus, Kamchatka, Uzbekistan and Kirghizia.

Has passed 3 stages of the avalanche courses under the leadership od the UIAGM guides Kevin Boekholt and Michael Chatter.

Has guided Elbrus groups.

Seriously deals with kite- and windserfing, leads the project of the Kite/Windserf School on the Bugaz spit (the Black sea coast) near Anapa. Fond of paragliding and motobiking.

Telephone number: +7 (495) 229-50-70
Mobile: +7(928)262-04-32
E-mail: inbox@alpindustria-tour.ru
Yanchenko Viktor
Member of Russian Mountain Guides Association Candidate Master of Sports in mountaineering
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Yanchenko Viktor
Birthyear: 1958

Member of Russian Mountain Guides Association.
Candidate Master of Sports in mountaineering.
One of the most experienced guides on Elbrus.
He was about 230 times at the top of Europe with customers.
He did a lot of technically-challenging climbs in the Caucasus, Pamir and Tien-Shan, including seventhousanders in the former Soviet Union .
Climbing, mountaineering, paragliding, ski-mountaineering, alpine skiing instructor. Rescuer.
He has been trained to provide first aid in the mountains, completed avalanche course.
In his spare time he brings up his children. He is fond of paragliding, hunting on land and underwater.
His hobbies are mountain biking and traveling by car.

Telephone number: +7(495) 229-50-70 lдоб.105
Mobile: 8 (928) 225-4623
E-mail: director@elbrus-team.ru
Skype: director.elbrus-team.ru
Fursov Sergey
Guide with 11 years experience in mountameering. An excellent skier, a ski instructor.
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Fursov Sergey
Birthyear: 1982

Guide with 11 years experience in mountameering.
An excellent skier, a ski instructor. Has been working as a freeride and skitour guide for 5 years and 4 years as a heliski guide.
Has climbed more than 150 summits in the Caucasus, about 30 in them were extremely difficult. An experianced guide to Mt.Elbrus - more than 80 times he guided the Elbrus groups.
Has passed the avalanche courses, Rescue courses, first medical aid lessons.
With the lack of extreme sitiations at work Sergey os fond of rock-climbing, kiteboarding, skydibing and takes part in the Elbrus Race. In 2008 and 2009 became the Elbrus Race Champion.

Telephone number: +7 (495) 229-50-70
E-mail: inbox@alpindustria-tour.ru
Novikova Nadezhda
Chief manager
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Novikova Nadezhda
Birthyear: 1974

Chief manager

Within the last 10 years Nadezhda has travelled with the groups as a guide. There is on;y ONE continent on the Earth where she has not been yet - Antarctida. Nut we think it  will not last long. She has climbed Elbrus, Kilimanjaro, Monblan and many others, among interesting - Bobby Peak on Madagaskar, Roraima Peak in Venesuela, Costushko Peak in Australia, volcano Tyatya on the Kuril islands. She has arranged magnificenr expeditions to Putorana plateau and Dusse-Alin ridge in the Khabarovsky region. Fond of biking, writing reports of the travels - enjoys her work and life)))

Telephone number: +7 (495) 229-50-70 доб. 167
E-mail: chief@alpindustria-tour.ru
Skype: nnovikova74
Gubanov Roman
GUIDE. Candidate to Master of sports in mountaneering.
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Gubanov Roman
Birthyear: 1973


In his experience there are years of climbing (Candidate to Master of sports in mountaneering) including technical climbings in the Pamirs, Korzhenevskaya Peak, Lenin Peak, in Tyan-Shan (Khan-Tengry), Elbrus climbs from different sides, Climbing in the Himalayas (Annapurna 8091m). A lot of speleology - to Snezhnaya Cave, paragliding, skiing.

Telephone number: 8 (495) 229-50-70
E-mail: inbox@alpindustria-tour.ru

Enquiries and responds

15 April 2015
ali kouhyari
Elbrus certificate

I have climbed mt . Elbrus but I have not any certificate for that.
I'm asking that can I have a certificate for climbing.
I'll pay for that.
I look forward to hearing from you.

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Dear Ali,
thank you for your letter.
We did not find your name in the list of our climbers. We always give the Elbrus certificates to all our clients even if they did not reach the summit (in this case they have the certificate of participation in the Elbrus expedition)....
So we suugest you joining our Elbrus climbing expedition and get the certificate at the end of the trip - or request the company you booked the Elbrus climb with....
Migurskaya Marina
Group Manager of Alpindustria-Terskol. Climbing experience of 25 years. Mountaineering instructor, ski instructor.
07 November 2014
Anders Lassas
Elbrus West route 2015

I stumbled up on your site and I saw you have tours to Elbrus from the west. I have been thinking about climbing Elbrus in August 2015. Previously I have been thinking about the north route but now the west route caught my interest.

How is the west route compared to the north (or south)? Is it harder, or more technical? Dangers? Anything else worth noting?
I was up to kilimanjaro this summer (machame route) but that's about all the experience I have, but otherwise I'm a young and fit guy. Do you think it's something I could do? I mostly wondering if there are any major technical aspects.

Are the dates guaranteed that you have listed? Do you have english speaking guides?

Thanks a lot,
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Dear Mr. Anders,
Thank you very much for Elbrus request. I recent your e-mail to our team in Elbrus. In nearest time they will send answer.
Have a nice day.
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