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Elbrus season is over? Oh, no! About 300 climbers accompanied by our guides had reached the Elbrus top!
28 December 2018
The Cross of Elbrus. Russian climbers reached both the Western and Eastern tops The season of successful climbs on Elbrus keeps going on!
08 June 2017
The Swiss women’s team on Elbrus Two climbers from Switzerland, Yvonne Joerg and Anna Tina Simonett, reached the Western peak of Elbrus (5642 m) on May 12, 2017. Congratulations!
26 May 2017
Elbrus region is one of the most beautiful places in Russia Magic views of Chegem region captured by Drone camera (VIDEO)
13 March 2017
New Year Elbrus climb Extreme opening of the new season in the Elbrus region. Winter climbing to the top
10 January 2017
Skating on Lake Baikal A skating tour across the deepest frozen lake Baikal is a unique adventure to a different planet. Coming in March 2017.
25 October 2016

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