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Russia » Caucasus » Elbrus
Ascent of Mount Elbrus from the South An 8-day all inclusive tour: comfortable accommodation with sauna and swimming pool, delicious meals from our chef at the shelter and professional english-speaking guides. It might be the perfect time for you to visit Russia and see the entire Caucasus from a bird's eye view.
Climbing / Mountaineering
from 1 050 €
23 - 30 May 2019
Russia » Caucasus » Elbrus
Ascent of Mount Elbrus. Short classic climb This is a short classic climb to Western Elbrus within 4 days programm.
Climbing / Mountaineering
from 870 €
28 February - 3 March 2019
Russia » Caucasus » Elbrus
Ascent of Mount Elbrus from the North Climbing Elbrus from the North is a special route along the path of the first alpinists and places with historical names. This is an alternative to the overloaded Southern route.
Climbing / Mountaineering
from 1 210 €
4 - 13 June 2019
Asia » Georgia
Ascent of Mount Kazbek from Georgia Climbing Kazbek from Georgia is a scenic route, Georgian hospitality and professional guides.
Climbing / Mountaineering
from 790 €
26 January - 2 February 2019
Russia » Shantar Islands
Expedition to the Shantar Islands Shantar Islands is an archipelago in the Sea of Okhotsk belonging to Russia. The archipelago consists of 15 large and small islands and also a large number of rocks and Kekura. The inaccessibility of the islands allowed to preserve nature in all her pristine.
Expeditions, Rafting
from 2 700 €
18 - 28 Jule 2019
Russia » Kamchatka
Kamchatka Kaleidoscope This educational and rich in diverse events tour will allow the guests to visit the most colorful places of interest on Kamchatka within the shortest period of time.
Adventures, Trekking
from 1 041 €
3 - 13 Jule 2019
Russia » Caucasus » Elbrus
Ascent of Mount Elbrus from the West The route of the ascent of Mount Elbrus from the West is climbing without any rope railways, ratracs, hotels and shelters. You have not seen such Elbrus yet.
Climbing / Mountaineering
from 1 850 €
12 - 23 June 2019
Russia » Caucasus » Elbrus
Ascent of Mount Elbrus in May Elbrus is the highest peak of the Great Caucasus (5642 m). Simultaneously it's considered to be the highest top both of Europe and Russia. We offer a classic climbing route from the South.
Climbing / Mountaineering, Ski-tour
from 1 050 €
18 - 25 April 2019
Russia » Caucasus » Elbrus
Ascent of Mount Elbrus. Traverse from the North to the South Unusual and interesting route to Elbrus. You climb to the summit from the north side, where there are no cableways, no snowcats, and you descend along the southern slope. This traverse route is closer to the nature, to the spirit of exploration and discovery.
Climbing / Mountaineering
from 1 380 €
4 - 13 June 2019
Russia » Putorana plateu
Expedition to the Putorana Plateau The Putorana Plateau is a kingdom of water, rocks and wild nature, a paradise for those who likes extreme travelling, fishing and navigation on rafts or catamarans.
Expeditions, Rafting
from 1 367 €
2 - 9 Jule 2019
Russia » Caucasus » Arhyz
Heli-skiing in the Caucasus Arkhyz is one of the most favourable heli-skiing areas in Russia, located at the border of three mountainous regions: Central Caucasus - Abkhazia - Western Caucasus.
Heli-ski / Backcountry
from 7 900 €
20 - 26 January 2019
Russia » Baikal
Skating on Lake Baikal Baikal is the largest skating rink in Russia! Skating tour across the deepest frozen lake Baikal is a unique opportunity to see the legendary pure ice of the lake, to feel its power and beauty.
Adventures, Expeditions
from 740 €
17 - 24 February 2019
Russia » Caucasus » Elbrus
Ski-tour in Elbrus region Elbrus seldom visited areas with great potential for off-piste skiing
from 1 215 €
4 - 11 February 2019

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