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Heli-skiing in the Caucasus. Arkhyz region

Kudimova Maria

Expert of Alpindustria Adventure Team of heli-skiing, freeride and backcountry. The professional organizer of adventure tours. Develop and conduct freeride and backcountry programs in various parts of Russia (Elbrus, Dombay, Krasnaya Polyana, Arhiz), Europe (Austria, France, Norway, South America (Chile, Argentina). In addition to free-ride mountain tourism activities, participated in numerous campaigns in the Caucasus, climbing Elbrus, Kazbek mountain biking hobby. Amateur find nekatany snow, getting pleasure not only from the descent, but also on foot climb.

Telephone number: +7(495)229-50-70 (доб. 107)
Mobile: +7(928) 717-52-86

Price per person

AlpIndustria guide
Price per person Economy Standard Сomfort
private tour
Based on 2 pax
Based on 3 pax
Based on 4 pax8 200 €8 200 €
Based on 5 pax
Based on 6 pax
Based on 7 pax
Based on 8 pax8 200 €8 200 €
Based on 10 pax

Our heliski operation is based in a ski area of Arkhyz. It is one of the most favourable heli-skiing areas in Russia, located at the border of three mountainous regions: Central Caucasus - Abkhazia - Western Caucasus, where the area brings together a diverse landscape, abundant precipitations and a lasting season (from mid-December to April), also a mild climate and considerable heights (the highest mountains are Pshish (3780 m), Sophia (3640 m), Amanauz-Bashi (3530 m). There are various slopes with a height difference of up to 1350 meters.

We work with professional mountain guides, having had many years of experience in different corners of the world. We fly with the best pilots, having passed a special mountain training. The helicopters are Lama, AS350 B3 by Eurocopter.


Level of proficiency

 good level off-piste skiing
from 8 200 €
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The nearest date
23 - 29 January 2022
7 days / 6 nights
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Tour manager

Kudimova Maria

Telephone number: +7(495)229-50-70 (доб. 107)
Mobile: +7(928) 717-52-86
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Day 1
Individual arrival to Mineralny Vody airport. Transfer to the hotel.
Welcome, guide meeting with presentation of the program for the next days and material check.
Day 2
Daily we decide to heliski, depending on snow, avalanche and weather conditions.
In case of bad weather we can offer an alternative program in the ski resort or we will skin up around.
Day 3
Heli-ski day.
Day 4
Heli-ski day.
Day 5
Reserve day or heli-ski.
Day 6
Once we finish our last heli-ski day, we will head down to the valley. We will have an overnight stay in a town of Pyatigorsk, which is situated 30 min from the airport and makes it more convenient for early morning departure to Moscow.
Day 7
After breakfast 30 minutes transfer to the airport of Mineralny Vody.
2022 Year
Tour dates
Length of tour
Price per person
Application for participation
From 23.01 To 29.01
7 days / 6 nights
from 8 200 €
From 30.01 To 05.02
7 days / 6 nights
from 8 200 €
From 06.02 To 12.02
7 days / 6 nights
from 8 200 €
From 13.02 To 19.02
7 days / 6 nights
from 8 200 €
From 20.02 To 26.02
7 days / 6 nights
from 8 200 €
From 27.02 To 05.03
7 days / 6 nights
from 8 200 €
From 06.03 To 12.03
7 days / 6 nights
from 8 200 €
From 13.03 To 19.03
7 days / 6 nights
from 8 200 €
From 20.03 To 26.03
7 days / 6 nights
from 8 200 €
Moscow - Mineralnye Vody - Arkhyz - Mineralnye Vody - Moscow
Price includes
5 possible heli-ski days
11 hours of helitime included and guaranteed
2 mountain guides for a group of up to 6 guests
5 nights at our mountain Lodge (Gorbachev Dacha)
1 night at the hotel **** in Pyatigorsk
Daily breakfast and dinner
Pic-nic in the mountains during flying days
Safety equipment (ABS backpack, avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe)
Price does not include
Additional heliski runs: € 2200 - price per hour per helicopter
Documents required
International passport and visa
Each guest will be given the required information concerning safety and the practical aspects of heliskiing. This will be followed by a comprehensive safety presentation and hands-on exercises to test the distributed safety equipment, including: ABS back pack use and avalanche victim search training. Every flight is prepared by the certified technicians, who have many years experience of maintenance these helicopters in the Russian conditions. Pilots of the company are the first class professionals, who thoroughly know Caucasian mountains and heliski zones. They experienced lots of save flight years, a great deal of rescue operations, requiring supreme professionalism and the ideal operating conditions of the helicopters, heliski-landings in the most hard-to-reach places, among them on the top of mountain Elbrus, 5642m.
Additional information
Single room is not available
Refund is 1700 euro/hour
Group size: In Caucasus we work with a maximum of 4 participants per guide.
We can guarantee an optimal operation with such group size and we offer our guests maximum of individuality and flexibility.
Arkhyz is 1470 meters above sea level where our mountain facility is now located. We offer a plunge into the atmosphere of the mountainous residence of the first USSR president, Mikhail Gorbachev, which matches robust rest and respite standards of the Soviet government – huge rooms, crystal lusters, billiard, fireplace lounge, sauna, tableware and furniture of the past era, impressive terrain.
How to get:
One has to travel via Moscow. There are number of flights running daily from Moscow to Mineralny Vody airport.
Private transfer from the airport to Arkhyz. About 200 km or 3 hours of travel.
2 skiers - 1 load 2 guides (6 hours) - 13500 euros/person
3 skiers - 1 load 2 guides (6 hours) - 9700 euros/person
4 skiers - 2 loads 2 guides (11 hours) - 10800 euros/person
5 skiers - 2 loads 2 guides (11 hours) - 9000 euros/person
6 skiers - 2 loads 2 guides (11 hours) - 7900 euros/person
7 skiers - 2 loads 2 guides (11 hours) - 7000 euros/person
Please consult us for 7 skiers group option.
Our main machine is Airbus Helicopter AS 350 Ecureuil B3. And we have Eurocopter Lama as the back-up option.
Group size
In Caucasus we operate in a private format only. Each week we will have up to 6 guests, split in two loads.
Each load of 3 skiers is leaded by 1 mountain guide. With this group size, we can offer our guests maximum of safety,
flexibility and personal care
What to say, Amazing Day! New Record, 20 Heli Drops, great Team!! Russia!!!! CAUCASUS
Another DEEP in Russia Adventure finished! Thx Heliaction Pilots Sacha & Arseny to drop the group 72 times, Thx Nikolay, Marco, Sergey & Sanya for perfect guiding! Thx Valentina & Stepan for the perfect Food, Thx Oleg for driving!!! New DEEP Adventures very soon!
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